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At East Coast Search LLC, we firmly believe in establishing a long-term relationship with each candidate for a successful search. After a decade of experience and hundreds of successfully completed searches, we know how to find positions that will advance your career.

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Our Search Process


Step 1: Initial confidential meeting.
Step 2: Discuss history and track record of performance.
Step 3: Define career goals and objectives.
Step 4: Define compensation and benefits package.
Step 5: Create a unique and individual marketing plan tailored to your search.
Step 6: Schedule initial interviews and meetings.
Step 7: Select opportunities to pursue further.
Step 8: Evaluate opportunities and pursue offers.
Step 9: Offer preparation – revisit compensation and career goals and objectives.
Step 10: Present the offer.
Step 11: Manage negotiation.
Step 12: Acceptance of an offer in writing.
Step 13: Resignation and follow-up.

Our average time to complete a search is 60 days, although it can range from two weeks to twelve months depending on the requirements for the position.

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East Coast Search works with Fortune 1000 companies, growing startups, and other successful businesses. We screen each of our client companies to understand their compensation, benefits, and culture to ensure we align our candidates with a company that suits the individual we are representing.

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