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After a decade of experience and hundreds of successfully completed assignments, we know how to find and deliver talent. We leverage a process that streamlines the search methodology and allows for a shorter turnaround time for quality candidates than our competition.

The East Coast Method


Step 1: Assess company culture and message.  What is unique about the organization?
Step 2: Get a definition of requirements, compensation, benefits.
Step 3: Create a plan – target sources, networking, active database.
Step 4: Identify and source candidates.
Step 5: Interview candidates. Discover objectives and motivations. Assess achievements and credentials.
Step 6: Present a shortlist of the most qualified candidates.
Step 7: Client conducts first round interviews.
Step 8: Select top candidates and invite back finalists.
Step 9: Check references on finalists, verify W-2, character, and job history.
Step 10: Offer preparation – revisit compensation criteria and commitment to opportunity.
Step 11: Present the offer.
Step 12: Manage negotiation.
Step 13: Written acceptance of offer.
Step 14: Resignation and follow-up – monitor resignation process.

Our average time to complete an assignment is 6-8 weeks. Also, it can range from two weeks to six months depending on the requirements for the position.

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